• We Provide Proper
    Bond Solutions

    We will negotiate with the banks on your behalf to obtain the best possible deal with the lowest interest rates.


  • We Provide Proper
    Bond Solutions

    We will also track the application on your behalf with the benefit to you of only having one contact point throughout the home loan application process.


Our Services

Ultimately our business relies on successful home loan applications which means that we will do everything in our power to ensure accurate and complete applications with the primary goal of obtaining a successful home loan. We trust that our professional service rendered by our dedicated team of experts will result in future referrals – this serves as our main motivation in obtaining the best home loan deals at the lowest possible rates, which in turn results in improved customer service and satisfaction.

About Us

Negotiating a home loan can be not only a complex process but also very time-consuming and can result in an admin nightmare when applying at multiple banks. We help you find the best possible home loan with the lowest interest rates…

BondPro Bond originators provide a free bond application service through all the major banks and the client incurs no additional costs whatsoever. Bond originators will assist the applicant throughout the home loan application process to obtain the lowest possible interest rate.

Fast & Easy Application Process

The step by step home loan application process

We at Bond Pro will not only simplify the process but will leverage our knowledge and experience to ensure you obtain the best possible home loan deal. Listed below are the typical steps followed during the home loan application process:

  • Step 1

    Contact Bond Pro

    Once you have found your dream house and have signed the “Offer to Purchase” you will contact us as your bond originator.

  • Step 2

    Required Documentation

    Copies of all IDs, bank statements, payslips, consent forms, proof of additional income and the signed OTP.

  • Step 3

    Complete Application

    We will assist and guide you to ensure a complete and accurate application in improving your chances of a successful home loan application.

  • Step 4

    Submit Application

    We will motivate, negotiate and track the application on your behalf to obtain the lowest possible interest rates.

  • Step 5

    Offer Received

    The banks will then respond with an AIP (Acceptance in Principle) or a lower loan offer. You can then compare the offers received from each bank to one another and decide on the best deal.

  • Step 6

    Final Grant

    Once you have decided and accepted the best offer you will receive a final grant from the selected bank. This needs to be signed and sent back to the bank to start the home loan process.

  • Step 7

    Dream Home Reality

    Your dream home becomes a reality - you will now start paying off your bond at the agreed terms, interest rates and time periods.

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